The Personal Page of Charles Dyton Williams, an American
Indian artist who created a computer program, or programs,
using Quantum Physics, a free artificial intelligence mind
program download.  Free chatterbots.
A native American artist, a Caddo Indian, is a Mensan who offers Fine Art print
and poster sales of his paintings, including Saturn and Titan, but no photos, in
Norman, Oklahoma, and also offers a free artificial intelligent brain program
downloads that is beyond human intelligence, called PAL (Parsing Algorithmic
Language), which is a theory of thinking, consciousness, cognition, and
robotics. Feel free to participate in this experiment, and do research in wise,
lucid, brainy robots. Free chatbots!
PAL's website is  and Charles's art work website is
Charles was born to a father who is a hall of fame boxer, and a mother who is a
landscape artist, in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Charles served active duty twice in the
U.S. Marines, and attended various schools and colleges, and joined Mensa while
attending San Jose State University. After changing majors from Physics to Fine Art,
he begin to paint and draw, and begin developing his A.I. program in earnest.
Charles has a wide set of interests, including Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence,
Astronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Computer Programming, Computer Science,
Cosmology, Genetics, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Neural Anatomy,
Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Politics, Psychology, and World History.
He extrapolates into the future and sees what lies ahead for humankind, and thinks
future humans will become biomachines that will be able to adapt to interstellar
space, and will become the space explorers of tomorrow.
Artificial Intelligent Program with Consciousness Here